Pave the Pathway Towards Self-Employment: A Detailed Direction of Developing an Entrepreneur Mindset and Establish a Business From Scratch

This book contains a step-by-step, guided action plan that is guaranteed to encourage current and aspiring entrepreneurs as well as community leaders wearing multiple hats, struggling with balancing life’s daily expectations, to always keep your eyes focused on the vision because it will be the only thing visible when you are faced with an unexpected interruption and forced to pivot.

Order your copy of "The Purposeful Pandemic Pivot" + exclusive book bonuses 

This book holds real-life experiences poured in words to facilitate your pathway towards a self-employed life. Chantel teaches you the do’s and don’ts of attaining a healthy balance between professional and personal commitments. In this book you will learn.

  • The mindset to be a Productive Multitasker: Direct a portion of the paycheck towards the business, utilize break sessions at work to fund your own freedom
  • Importance of Market Research: Know your target audience, identify competitors, minimize risks, and gain a competitive advantage.
  •  Fulfill Personal and Professional Dreams: Master every task at work to gain stability that lets you refocus on the vision of being your own boss
  • Maintain the Best Version of You: Never compromise with your mental and physical wellbeing while practicing self-care is vital to keep you going.
  • Incorporate Creative yet Organized Schedules: Balance your time in ways that strengthen the bonds in the family and preserve work activities as well
Order your copy of "The Purposeful Pandemic Pivot" + exclusive book bonuses 

I am excited to assist you on your journey to self-employment! This book will give you a detailed direction of developing an Entrepreneur Mindset and Establish a Business From Scratch.

Keeping up with a stressful full-time job that snatches away the precious moments, affects relationships, and makes you feel worthless is not an option but a CHOICE. Don’t hold yourself back to ignite the entrepreneurship spirit within and owning your own business!